Century Surf also specializes in manufacturing and marketing of aluminium extrusion products. Our diversification of applications is mainly for architectural, furniture, consumer product, and engineering & precision machine parts catering for domestic and overseas market.  

Century Surf’s policy has always been to promote the protection of natural resources, prevention of pollution, waste deduction and compliance within the applicable legislation and regulations .


<Details about Extrusion Products>


We are currently a licensed facility by the Department of Environment to carry full recovery
activities for electronic waste (SW 110). In order to provide a total waste management solution to our customers, we had installed new recovery processes for SW 104
(solder dross), SW 322 ( waste of non-halogenated organic solvents), SW 325 ( Silver
and Solder Paste), SW 409 ( contaminated Plastic containers), SW 410 (rags, plastics, paper or filters contaminated with scheduled wastes), SW 422 (Aluminium Chips, 
Copper chips).  Our expertise and specialities include recovery, recycling, import, export and transportation of :- ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals, plastic wastes, scrap 
carton boxes, electronics and semiconductor scrap/ rejects.
As we are a licensed facility by the Department of Environment and in conjunction to our capability and efficiency to handle a wide scope of schedule waste codes we offer a one stop worry free waste management service to factories throughout Malaysia.

Century Surf’s also provide custom tailored services to our customers who have
specific requirements. After understanding the customer’s requirement, we shall then
plan & pr opose the flow of the materials from logistics (collection/delivery), internal processing, segregation of materials that can be reused or scrap, packing and
delivery or return to the respective customer for further processing or scrap. In many cases, after these materials have been inspected & released as scrap materials, we
shall offer to buy the scrap for recycling of which the scrap will undergo crushing,
re-pelletizing & & re-sold to the industry for use in the lower grade market.
An example of such services is the sorting of various types of materials, for example. plastic/shipping trays from production as per the specifications of the customer. 


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